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Patz Barn Cleaners
  • Your barn cleaner has to work day after day, year after year
  • Patz gives you 58 years of quality and dependability in every barn cleaner we make
  • You can easily remove or replace links and flites without tools
  • Your Patz barn cleaner becomes a wise investment for you over the years because it’s built to last
  • The all-steel slide and one-piece steel flites with wear shoes are engineered to withstand the rugged wear of everyday operation
  • Patz barn cleaners are adaptable to many layouts
Patz Replacement Chain
  • The original PATZ Hook-and-Eye Chain Is now the best we've ever offered!
  • Superior raw materials! Special alloy steels are stronger, tougher, and more wear-resistant
  • Improved closed-die forging to close tolerances never before seen in hook and eye chain providing more chain and components that fit together better for smoother operation
  • Heat treated using precise state-of-the-art processes for maximum wear and longevity
  • Manufactured to meet the highest world-class quality standards to provide you with the best product ever offered by Patz
  • Tests have proven and validated the superior performance of the new, improved Patz Chain compared to our old chain