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Norbco Circulator Fans
  • Corrosion proof, polypropylene orifice ring allows air to spread out at fan discharge providing a wider cooling pattern than same size basket fans
  • Direct drive design - no loss of capacity from slipping belts
  • Comes with ceiling mount bracket
  • Can be suspended from cables
  • Available in single or three phase
  • Optional fogging kit delivers a fine mist of water into the airstream and can lower the air temperature up to 20 degrees making this an ideal fan for holding areas

Norbco NCF 52" Barn Fans
  • All galvanized construction - far superior to waferboard box fans
  • 1 HP belt drive with mechanical tensioner
  • 6 blade fan operates at 374 RPM
  • 24,198 cfm
  • 20.7 cfm/watt
  • Available as a panel fan or with a galvanized housing and wire mesh guards
Norbco Tunnel Ventilation Fans
  • The most energy efficient fans from American Coolair
  • The all new FGBR52 or FGBC52 utilize innovative and proven drive assembly that allows V-belt power to be transmitted directly through the bearings, resulting in more economical operation
  • Increased bearing life
  • Stainless steel blade assembly or cast aluminum airfoil blade assembly