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J&D Dual Stalls
  • Soft, Resilient SurfaDual Stall Free Stall is built for endurance, cow comfort, and strength
  • J&D's Dual Stall Loop has three exterior
    galvanized gatorshield coatings, with an interior rust inhibitor
  • Heavy duty 7 gauge galvanized control rail
    clamp, with 1/2" hardware for added strength
  • Heavy duty 10 gauge 2 3/8" structural tubing.Dual Loop - Single Piece
  • The heaviest gauge Free Stall on the market today
  • Toughest galvanized coatings available
  • Designed for single row or head to head Free Stall operation
  • Heavy duty galvanized control rail, 1.9 O.D., 14 gauge
J&D XT Free Stall
  • New formed galvanized channel stall is ideal for those who want the benefits of bolt together assembly combined with the strength and durability of a channel bracket
  • Formed 8 ga. Galvanized Channel
  • Formed 8 ga. Galvanized Top
  • Rail Clamp with 1/2" nuts & bolts
  • 4' Top Rail per Stall
  • 5'6", 6', 6'6" or 7' Loop
  • Available in 3 Choices
J&D Free Stalls
  • Available in heavy duty 1.9 tubing
  • Adjustable control rail & clamp keeps cows cleaner and adds strength to the unit
  • No legs embedded into the concrete, which liminates rusting off and dirt build
  • Designed for cow comfort
  • This unit can be installed after concrete work has been completed
  • Available with either heavy duty welded mounting plates or a choice of bolted mounting bases
J&D Intra-Structure Stalls
  • Heavy duty 2.875" Barn column used for horizontal bar
  • Spans up to 12 feet between posts
  • Available for head-to-head and outside row mounting of stalls
  • Available for 2 3/8" or 1.9 stalls
  • Reduces costs of lumber for posts and planking by as much as 65%
  • Pipe mounts are welded
  • Allows for greater air circulation around animals
J&D Tie Stalls
  • TAB series Overbend Tie Stalls and TAS series Standard Tie Stalls are made to last
  • Both feature all welded one piece main frame construction for added strength and durability
  • Just one clamp is needed to assemble each unit
  • Triple coated galvanizing, interior rust inhibitor and polyethylene rust shields combine to make these tie stalls virtually rust free
  • 30 year warranty against rusting off for stalls installed with solid shafts inside the tubing
  • 20 year warranty against rusting off for stalls without solid shafts
J&D Brisket Boards
  • Poly Brisket Board is a highly durable extruded poly brisket board that is a great compliment to new or existing stall systems
  • Smooth rounded surface protects dew claws and allows for natural leg extension by eliminating rough or hard edges that catch the dew claw or make it uncomfortable to extend the legs in a natural manner
  • Made of heavy duty 1/4" thick extruded black poly
  • 8 foot sections are specially designed for added support and toughness
  • Installation is quick