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Loyal Poly Jumbo Hutch
  • Roomiest single-calf hutch (62"W x 98"L x 55"H)
  • Heaviest you can buy - approx 138 lbs.
  • Advanced design - economically priced!
  • Special ventilation system
  • Reflects sun's heat - lets light through
  • 10-year manufacturer's limited warranty
Loyal Poly Group Hutch
  • Holds 4-6 weaned calves before transfer to large herd
  • Largest hutch you can buy - 109"W x 101"L x 74"H
  • Rugged poly/wood skid frame
  • Adjustable rear vents, plus ridgetop ventilation
  • Thick-walled, not thin and flimsy like some other brands
  • Opaque virgin poly with UV blocker - prevents major temperature swings
  • Oversize front and rear top vents - advanced ventilation design
  • 10-year manufacturer's limited warranty

Loyal Poly Calf Warmer
  • Heavy-Duty Turbo Heater with 3-heat and 2-fan settings
  • Adjustable thermostat prevents scorching
  • Overheat protector. Legs raise heater off floor
  • Solid-steel body construction -- weighs 6 lbs
  • 5-year manufacturer's limited warranty on heater
  • Raised, poly grate allows warm air to flow around entire calf
  • Thicker-walled poly for extra strength
  • Hinged, removable cover for easy calf entry
  • Floor ribs channel liquids through rear drain holes
  • 24"W x 50"L x 45"H (bottom section 16" deep)