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Van Dale Maxim 1™ Belt Feeder/Conveyor
  • Heavy duty motor mount and stainless steel adjusters make system easy to maintain
  • Floating V-plow allows for side-to-side switching for single or split lot feeding
  • Chain drive for reliable performance
  • Choose either T-stands or arched stands to support feeders
  • High capacity 16” wide belt conveys any type of forage, ground feed or TMR at high speed and low horsepower up to 180 feet
  • Smooth belts are available for up to 15 degree inclines
  • Textured belts are available for up to 30 degree inclines
  • Counter-rotating 5” diameter brush with spiral wound polypropylene bristles removes fines from smooth or textured belt
  • Optional high capacity hoppers can be added to any conveyor section.