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Jamesway® Direct XPress™
  • 14” belt feeders for single or divided lot operations
  • 18” belt feeders for multi-lot operations
  • Single motor/gear box assembly powers both the belt and plow
  • Exclusive Jamesway chain system eliminates the constant adjustment required by cable drive systems
  • Choose manual operation, automatic side-to-side switching or electric plow control with solenoids
  • 14” belt conveyors for applications up to 180’
  • 18” belt conveyors for applications up to 180’
  • 24” belt conveyors for applications up to 124’
  • Conveyors feature 1/8” smooth or textured belts with PVC covering and durable stainless steel splice
  • Drive unit features industrial gearbox with enclosed oil bath and standard 1,2, or 3 HP C-faced motor
  • Low profile drive and motor can be mounted on either side for added installation flexibility
  • 2-1/2’, 5’ and 10’ 16 gauge galvanized steel sections available