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Loyal Galvanized Conveyor (Single-Chain)
  • Two greaseable, bronze pillow-block bearings on each idler, drive and cross shaft... for longer sprocket, shaft and bearing life
  • Loyal elevators are preferred for their rugged but simple construction - they provide economical and smoother, more trouble-free operation for years and years of hard use
  • Designed for efficient, low-cost handling of silage, haylage, wet corn, cob corn, small grains and coarse ground feeds, meals, manure, canning waste, sawdust shavings and other materials
  • Includes three-sided sliding incline hopper, top-slung sliding motor mount and required belts
  • Set up and ready to go (just mount motor and install safety shields)
  • Special design enables us to provide any length up to 14' in ONE PIECE - eliminates time consuming bolting by customer
  • Can be easily lengthened at a later date
Loyal Poly Conveyor (Double-Chain)
  • Hi-density poly "skins" are pressure-bonded over both sides of marine plywood (special 7-ply); for a stronger, longer-lasting elevator
  • Won't sag, unlike solid-poly board
  • More rigid than wood board or solid-poly board... won't warp
  • #62 detachable chain
  • Poly flites - 1-1/2" H x 1/2" thick for higher volume
  • Cast-iron sprockets - 10-tooth
  • Greasable bearings
  • Adjustable, slip clutch
  • Simple to install - measure on site - cut length, angles & drop-out for custom fit
  • Bottom-delivery conveyor chain rides on special poly rails - no pan for chain to drag on, nor freeze down to
  • Separate, UHMW-poly, roller-chain adjustment doesn't affect trough-chain take-up