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Valmetal 14", 18" & 24" Belt Conveyors
  • Eight different models to choose from plus lot of accessories to fit your needs
  • Feature an industrial gear box drive system designed to last longer with less maintenanc
  • The large diameter lagged drive pulley offers slip-proof traction
  • Reversible, to convey in either direction
  • Choice of belt textures and widths 14", 18" or 24" to match your feeding needs
  • Standard belt conveys level and up moderate inclines (up to 10°) and textured belt allows conveying up steeper incline (up to 30° elevation)
  • A tough polyester belt with P.V.C. coating maintains flexibility in sub-zero weather for year round performance
  • Concave belt provides high volume conveying capacity, uniform delivery and no feed separation
Valmetal CB-1800 Belt Bale Conveyors
  • A big hopper center the bales on the belt
  • Tough polyester belt with smooth P.V.C. coating
  • Movable Bale Diverter directed from the ground with ropes
  • Sturdy belt tighteners and big idler roller mounted on heavy duty regreasable bearings
  • Center sections are made of heavy gauge galvanized steel for long life and feature a special design for extra strength
  • No waiting, bales are carried away at 220 ft/min compare to 72 ft/min on most chain conveyor
  • The bale can be shifted to either sides and moved anywhere on the conveyor, safely from the ground with ropes
Valmetal Belt Feeder/Conveyor
  • You get dependable feeding in winter and summer, the P.V.C. belt with polyester cord maintains flexibility in subzero weather
  • Choice of belt widths, 14" or 18" to match your feeding needs
  • Steel plow drive cable is impregnated with polypropylene to eliminate any slippage
  • Features an industrial gear box drive system providing positive power to a big lagged drive pulley for slip-proof traction of the conveying belt
  • Optional galvanized steel windboards and covers are recommended to protect belt and feed from weather and wind
  • Carries belt in a U-shape for extra capacity without spillage, requires less HP, less energy, reduces wear on the belt
  • Belt returns on rollers for reduced friction. Heavy gauge galvanized steel feeder sections resist rust
Valmetal Versatile Belt Conveyor
  • The Valmetal conveyors feature an industrial gear box drive system designed to last longer with less maintenance
  • Sturdy belt tighteners maintain belt tension
  • All bearings are regreasable for long, trouble-free operation
  • Tough polyester belt with P.V.C. coating maintains flexibility in sub-zero weather for year round performance
  • It takes only minutes to switch from a concave to a flat bed conveyor. No tools are required
  • Belt travels at 220 ft/min compared to 85 ft/min on most chain type elevators
  • A heavy duty hand winch automatically locks the load in position when the handle is released
  • Standard lengths : 30' - 60'
  • Also available with hydraulic drive system
Valmetal 962 Chain Conveyor
  • Nine inch Single Chain Conveyor fits the bill and it conveys large volumes of feed efficiency
  • This all galvanised-steel conveyor with rubber backed steel flights an 62 pintle chain is the right design for moving bulky material like silage, shelled corn and grain on shorts run up to 70 feet
  • Hopper efficiently funnels feed into conveyor
  • Set screws adjust chain tension up to 3 in.
  • Material is conveyed by ruged 62 pintle type chain with steel backed rubber flights, driven by self-cleaning cast iron sprockets
  • The rugged, yet simple V-Belt and No. 40 roller chain reduction drive system has real pull with proven dependability
Valmetal 11-1/2" Single Chain Conveyor
  • Vametal conveyor troughs are constructed of heavy, durable 14 gauge galvanised steel, available in
    2'6", 4', 5', 8' and 10' lengths
  • Available on wheels for special applications
  • Material is conveyed by rugged 667 pintle-type chain with steel backed rubber flights 2 1/2" x 10 3/4", driven by a self-cleaning 8 tooth cast iron sprockets
  • Moves feed 130' per minute
  • 20 gauge galvanised steel cover snaps quickly into place. For operational safety or outside use
  • Manually operated discharge spout diverts feed to the font or back or side-to-side