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Loyal Steel Gutter Grates
  • Keeps cows out of gutter and their tails drier, which protects legs and udders
  • Saves on bedding - keeps bedding out of slurry
  • Provides for more sanitary milking
  • Ideal for problem and freshening cows
  • Rigid 5/8" structural-steel grate rods - round grate rods used (not angle-iron) for better manure drop-through and for longer life
  • Sturdy 3/4" cross rods - spaced at 16" intervals to prevent grates from bowing
  • Side angles are thicker for longer life
  • Built on jigs - grate rods are consistently spaced
  • 5/8" grate rods provide less danger of cows' hooves slipping through rods, than do 3/4" rods with identical 1-3/8" spacing between rods
  • Grates made with 1/8" to 1/4" side clearance
  • Unpainted steel finish