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N-Tech Piston Pumps
  • Floor level anchors on hold downs
  • Floor level anchor
  • Formed hopper combines lower welded steel hopper with upper formed concrete to fit requirements
  • Most effective piston available
  • Pitson gate hinge provides 3" hinge material
  • Wider opening cylinder gate
  • Flapper valve for the end of the pipe
  • In-line knife valuves with T-Nech power driver controls are available for systems requiring storage above hopper level
  • A three year warranty extension is available
N-Tech Vertical Electric Pumps
  • Oil filled beam with greasable rugged seals
  • Agitator built into the unit
  • Upper and Lower pump out ports
  • Slide rail or 2 pt mounts to lift out of pit for service
  • Equivalent to a large PTO Pump
  • Standard Model - For pits 6 to 14 feet deep
  • Utilizes 50 to 100 HP motors
  • Mounted on a 2 point hitch for easy installation or moving -oil filled beam
N-Tech Vertical PTO Pumps
  • Designed for larger herds utilizing big tractors with high horsepower
  • Agitators and controls are hydraulically operated
  • Eight inch manifold delivers highest column and pressure for agitation and tank filling
  • New rotary spout and valve with tee on top of manifold provides double outlet for remote pumping and loading packs
  • Oil filled beam protects bearings and seals, keeps oil level above slurry, stuffed beam requires minimum of oil
  • Seals in solid steel holder are lubricated from floor level, seal holder protects shaft from wrapping
N-Tech Trailer Type Lagoon Pumps
  • Long range agitator nozzles 3" and 4" all steel mechanism no high replacement cost rubber hoses
  • Oil filled beams with oil level indicator 1/4" material diamond shape easily cleaned and stronger
  • Double beam upper 6x8, lower 6x6 damond for better balance on longer pumps eliminates side load of pipe permits easy mounting of rear or multiple agitators
  • Seal pack impeller slinger ring protects seal assembly 3 high performance seals hold oil in, liquid out
  • Oil reservoir lubes seals and extends bearing life
  • Standard axle provides 7 ft of housing lift. High lift axle provides up to 13 ft of lift for deeper pits
  • Adjustable hitch equalizes PTO angles on varying pit banks
N-Tech Agitator Pumps
  • Maximum thrust with variable lengths and 4 prop sizes
  • Curved blades control stream to minimize side turbulence high flow foot lets 50,000 gpm flow past
  • Prop pushes and moves bottom solids