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N-Tech Slurry Tanker
  • To maintain drawbar weight as tank is emptied
  • Rear fill, front empty prevents settling in end
  • Eliminates ditch dragging of rear slinger tanks
  • Heavy duty undercarriage semi trailer axel and brakes are heaviest in the industry
  • Brakes With Cab Control
N-Tech Truck Tanker
  • Truck tank with off-load package
  • High volume hydraulics
  • Full spread patterns
  • Short transfer times-unload in 2 to 3 minutes or faster
  • Front/Rear pumps sized to fit your truck
  • Factory mounting available
N-Tech Steerable Triple Axle Tanker
  • Triple Axle Flotation 4000 or 4500 gal. maximizing flotation with lower cost tires, wheels, hubs
  • Front Mount Pump allowing over top discharge, short drive line with a hefty 35N PTO 540 or 1000 rpm in-tank agitation, full pressure injection, rear or side discharge packages for off-loading
  • Brakes with Cab Control providing braking forward and in reverse, uphill and downhill
  • Forward Slope design maintains drawbar weight as tank is emptied, rear fill, front empty prevents settling in dead end