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Valmetal 970 Ring Drive Silo Unloaders
  • The drive ring's large diameter along with wall to wall suspension arms guarantee the perfect equilibrium of the machine without counter weight
  • The deep-sided fiberglass chute features a smooth and slippery finish inside
  • Three 5/16" galvanized aircraft type cable support the unloader from 3 widely spaced points which results in a level cut from top to bottom
  • Loaded with sharp cutting knives, the big 10" auger delivers a steady stream of silage to the impeller for high capacity output
  • New stainless steel auger shroud Auger shroud cover and sides are made of stainless steel to resist silage acid and corrosion
  • The rugged structural steel tube frame features a welded construction for extra rigidity
  • New motor guard A voluminous cage protects the ring drive motor from overheating during the non-stop filling operation
  • The 26" high capacity blower with 3 stainless steel adjustable paddles rotating at 1,225 R.P.M. for 8,330 feet per minute tip speed
Valmetal 2000 Ring Drive Distributor/Unloaders
  • Collector ring totally enclosed
  • Electrical power is transferred from stationary to rotating part of the machine by extra-large brushes and thick copper alloy rings
  • Large taper roller bearings inside the housing support the machine
  • Heavy triangular suspension arms to avoid bridging
  • Spring-loaded guide wheels to accomodate uneven silo walls
  • Weight is evenly distributed on two large carriage wheels
  • Six replaceable hardened steel blades keep the silo walls free of frozen materials
  • The auger support features a solid oilite ball bearing, self lubricated, it resists moisture and contaminants
Valmetal Grain-O-Matic - Borrom Grain Unloader
  • The tapered sweep auger drops feed into the "positive flow" hopper at the center, where spinning paddles cycle the material into the exit auger
  • Grain does not just feed down through a center "cheminey" when you feed out as with some high-moisture grain unloader
  • Grain is less likely to harden near the structure floor
  • 13 H.P. electric motor
  • Belt drive 50 and 140 rpm
  • Quick action motor mount release
  • 10 gauge steel hopper
  • Tapered sweep auger shaft and flighting, 3" increasing to 5"
  • Quick action low clearance discharge hatch
  • Drive mechanism ratchet type overload protection