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Van Dale Magnum Pow'r Ring Silo Unloader
  • Models available for 14'-24' diameter silos
  • Free floating drive system with direct coupling positive ring and gear tooth engagement design
  • Center position guide wheel provides balanced, positive ring drive performance and stability
  • Large 7’4” diameter channel drive ring made of 7-1/8” x 3/16” thick steel with 2” drive lip for outstanding ring drive leverage
  • Self-adjusting, spring-loaded cantilevered walking wheel holds wall cleaners snugly against the silo wall for smooth operation
  • Positive position torque arm assembly is built to last with no twisting or flexing
  • High performance 27” impeller provides high performance unloading at 993 RPM with tip speed of 7,019 feet per minute
  • "Saber Edge" augers with 16 degree forward pitch keep forage moving toward the center of the auger tube, for increased capacity and less wear
Van Dale Magnum Surface Drive Unloader
  • Models available for 12' - 30' diameter silos
  • Proven suspension - either single main cable for higher lifting and more material storage or tri-suspension for strong, steady support
  • 1/4” thick “Saber Edge” augers with 16 degree forward pitch offer superior performance and unmatched durability
  • Reliable torque arm assembly
  • Easy-to-adjust balance weights
  • Durable 10” wall wheels feature durable polypropylene construction